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Confidence truly goes a long way

2021-08-11 Confidence truly goes a long way

We all know it’s true: Confidence truly goes a long way (especially in the job search!).

But when you’re unemployed or worried about finding that next job, confidence sure is hard to find.

Here are a few tips on boosting confidence:

1. Write down your past successes. Yes, take out a pen and paper and physically write them down. The act of thinking through and writing down your past successes will be a positive reminder of how much you’ve accomplished in your life and career.

— Did you shine on a project at work?
— Did you just promoted?
— Did someone just pay you a compliment?

2. Write down a list of things you’re good at.

— Do you plan the best parties?
— Does everyone come to you for advice about gardening?

3. Set some achievable goals and go after them.

— Go run (or jog/walk) that 5k.
— Finish that book that’s been on your nightstand.

4. Ask your friends to brainstorm what they admire about you. You’d be surprised at how others see your successes and strengths that you easily overlook.

And in the job search, you really need to keep that confidence up!

Confidence is something that shines through in interviews. Use these tips to stock up!

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