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Ageism and sexism at work are real

2021-07-29 Ageism and sexism at work are real

Have you ever been taken advantage of at work?

As I was closing a deal with a hefty commission, my colleague pulled me aside alone.

This job was 100% commission-based so this is how we get paid.

He proceeded to tell (not ask) me that I should forego my commission.

He gave me no reason.

Doing so would not help the deal but it would mean this guy would get double the commission (mine and his).

Although I was stunned, I firmly told him no and walked away.

At the time, I was so shocked that I didn’t tell anyone about what happened.

I’ve thought about that situation so many times since then.

I was a young gal. I was fairly new.

He’d been in the business far longer and he was at least 20 years older than me.

Ultimately, he was dishonest. He was shady. And he made sure to have this conversation when no one else was around.

He knew he was wrong.

My only guess is that he only did this because he thought he might get away with it WITH ME.

Here’s the moral of this story:
— Ageism and sexism at work are real. Don’t suffer in silence. Speak up and get help.
— Expose offenders so they don’t continue this behavior with others.

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