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Another client success story with a job offer!

2021-12-07 Another client success story with a job offer!

Last week, one of my clients got an offer while another client started a new job. Don’t fall for the trap of slowing or pausing your job search during the holidays and here’s why:

1. During the holidays, when regular business slows down a bit, hiring managers have a bit more time to focus on interviews and hiring processes.

2. Enjoy less competition as other job seekers (not you!) start making excuses about they’re busy with holidays and that no one is hiring which is not true.

3. Take advantage of holiday networking events and overall jovial holiday spirit in the air.

4. Keep up the job search momentum! You know how if you exercise regularly, it’s not to bad? But if you take a month off, boy, it’s hard to get back into that routine?

5. Enjoy a more relaxed onboarding. I’ve done it twice and it’s awesome. Lots of people are taking time off which gives you more time to ramp up at a more leisurely pace.

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