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Are you a superwoman and used to doing it all?

2021-05-06 Are you a superwoman doing it all?

Are you a superwoman and used to doing it all on your own?

Of course, you are. You don’t have time to wait for others. You’re BUSY!

But what about the job hunt? This isn’t something you do on your own every day.

Should you have shared your salary requirements with the recruiter?
Should you have told them that you’re not willing to relocate?
Should you have tailored your resume more?

The job search is hard and isolating.

It’s easy to second-guess your actions every step of the way.

<< PRO TIP>> Reach out for your help.

Ask your network, what have they done in your shoes?

Walk through the scenarios together and identify the pros and cons.

It’s no secret that women are used to doing it all… but what if that ends up hurting you more?

If you end up with a better job with higher pay for YOU and YOUR family, wasn’t it worth asking for help?

Ready to get some help to level up your career?

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