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Are you scared to try new things, new food, new jobs?

2021-08-05 Are you scared to try new things, new foods, new jobs?

Are you scared to try new things, new foods, new jobs?

I used to be the same way!

I thought oysters were gross, slimy, and smelly. I couldn’t fathom myself eating those nasty things. Plus, there is so much other seafood that I already enjoy.

I felt the same way about trying a new job.

Why would I ever want to try a new job when I loved the one I had?

I’d worked in the same industry, doing the same things, with the same people, and the same boss for over a decade.

Secretly, I was also terrified of changing my work because I’d have to:
— start from the bottom
— meet all new people
— learn new processes, procedures, and tools
— look, sound, and act like a lost and confused fool for a while!

I’d gotten really good (read comfortable) doing the same thing at work.

Why would I want to disrupt my cozy cushy setup?

I didn’t want my work to change.
I wouldn’t change my work.
It was great!

But my employer had a different idea when they eliminated my role. Whoops!

And when I tried oysters, I realized there are lots of different types. Some I liked better than others but it was ok trying new things.

I discovered the same thing about work. It’s ok to try new jobs!

So on this #OysterDay, what new food (or job) would you like to try?


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