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Coach Caroleen - Super Powers - Jump Around
Job Search

Are you a job hopper? Does that make you bad?

When I started my career transition, I had an old school mentality about “job-hopping.” I’d always heard you needed to stay at each job at least 1 – 2 years otherwise, you’d get a bad reputation for being a job-hopper. If you’re willing to take charge of your career, take risks, and move into roles where you’ll grow, you’ll get rewarded both professionally and financially regardless of how much you’re “jumping around.”

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Coach Caroleen - Monday Motivation - daughter

What’s your why in the job search?

Do you know what your WHY is? If you don’t know your why, then you’ll never make the tough (daily) decisions that make your job search successful. Job searching is hard. It’s a lot of work. When you know your WHY, you’ll be motivated to take the right action quickly.

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Learning through Reflection

We can learn through reflection.
During our 2020 year of COVID global pandemic and quarantine, have you been fortunate enough to keep your job or even find a better one? If you’re actively job searching, what have you done to improve your job searching skills?

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