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Costco jammies bring me joy

2022-01-13 Costco jammies bring me joy

On this #ThrowbackThursday, I’m going back a few weeks to show you that pure JOY comes in the form of #Costco themed Jammie’s.

I absolutely love Costco as a place to shop and also as a place that is a great place for its employees.

I found this quote at the Retail Leader website:
One employee sums it up well: “Costco believes that employees are the most important assets in the company.”

Companies are made of people, not products. Companies may make products but ultimately, it’s always about the people.

Find a company and career that recognizes YOUR value!

For fun, these are the different Costco cartoons on my jammies. Can you find them all?
1. Cashews
2. Squeeze fruit
3. Blueberry muffins
4. Wine
5. Pie
6. Toilet paper
7. Animal crackers
8. Rotisserie chicken olive oil
9. Stuffed teddy bear
10. Pretzels and peanuts
11. Cupcake with candle