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Do one thing at a time today

2021-10-18 Do one thing at a time today

You’re not fooling anyone with your busy multitasking lifestyle.

As we start our week, I challenge you to “do one thing at a time” today.

Leave the multitasking behind and bring on:

1. Breaking down your project into actionable chunks
2. Making a to-do list of these chunks
— On paper? On Post-it? Don’t overcomplicate this. Just do it!
3. Setting a timer and getting at least ONE chunk done and crossed off your list TODAY
— Set a timer on your phone, your microwave, whatever, but SET a physical timer.

PRO-TIP: While you’re working on your ONE chunk, if another to-do item pops into your mind, write it on your to-do list then continue working on the task at hand.

Don’t let the thought derail you to switch context and work on something else.

Give it a try today!

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