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Don’t be a Ninja Rockstar

2021-05-25 Don't be a Ninja Rockstar

Are you a Technology Evangelist or an Innovation Sherpa or Development Ninja Hiding in Plain Site?

If so, that’s awesome for you… but not awesome for your resume especially if you’re looking to change companies.

If you write code for a living job but your current title is Development Ninja Hiding in Plain site, use Software Developer as the main job title and you can explain the cute name later… if you want.

Recruiters scan your resume for SIX SECONDS. When you have a resume that has confusing job titles that don’t seem related to the job opening, recruiters will PASS.

>> PRO TIP: Put yourselves in the recruiter’s shoes. Use industry-standard job titles. Even better, make sure your job titles match up with your targeted job role.

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