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Don’t be silly about needing to work at the bank before getting a job there

2022-06-06 Don’t be silly about needing to work at the bank before getting a job there

As a mechanical engineer, the first time I tried to get a job at the bank, I had so many recruiters and friends tell me:

“You can’t get a job at the bank unless you’ve worked in banking.”

This doesn’t make any sense because:
1. No one is BORN into a job at the bank (or insert any industry here).
2. I live in the #2 banking city in the US and with almost 100k employees in financial services. Are you telling me that 100k people all came from somewhere else since they had to have worked in banking before?

Of course, I’d ask, well how did YOU get a job at the bank?

The answers varied:
1. I knew someone that told me about an opening.
2. I applied online.
3. I was recruited.

Notice that none of those answers required that you previously worked in banking.

Yet this myth is constantly being perpetuated by recruiters and others.


If you have transferable skills and experiences, you can absolutely transition industries.

It’s totally doable and happens all the time.

We’re allowed to learn, grow, and change… industries!

If you’re struggling with this transition, message me today to discuss if career coaching is the right move for you!

PS. Big thanks to my friend Dan who shared his #UkraineFundraiser macarons from Amelie’s Bakery that turned my tongue blue 😝

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