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Drinking from the firehose is not good

2021-12-06 Drinking from the firehose is not good

Drinking from the fire hose is not fun or even healthy.

The more I think about this expression, the less I like it.

I’ve said this myself many times every time I change careers, roles, or companies.

It’s the onslaught of learning a new role, meeting a new team, and learning a new technology. For others, add the complexity of changing companies and possibly relocating your family.

If you truly tried to drink from a fire hose in real life, you wouldn’t get much water.

Instead, if you were to slow down the water or collect it in a cup, you’d be able to consume so much more water overall and so much faster in the long run.

So the next time you feel like you’re drinking from the fire hose, go grab a cup and collect some of that water instead.

— Organize your thoughts into notes
— Meet with a colleague to understand the big picture
— Stop reacting to the never ending to-do list
— Take a pause

You may find yourself drinking more water in the cup and get to step away from the firehose!

Or you can fill your cup with other drinks like I am at @doubleshovelciderco. Cheers 🥂