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Enjoy a lazy recovery day

2022-08-10 Enjoy a lazy recovery day

Burnout at work and life is real.
Being lazy is not optional, it’s essential.

And instead of calling it lazy, let’s call it recovery.

I see this front and center with half-marathon training.

Without rest and recovery days, you can’t sustain the mileage and pace of running.

This holds true for work too.

If you’re working late, logging in early, peeking at your email before bed, prepping one last presentation over the weekend, you’re not giving your mind (and body) the recovery it needs.

It’s not sustainable at work and leads to burnout.

Today, let’s celebrate #LazyDay (or #RecoveryDay) together.

Once you log off today, stay logged off!

Big thanks to @TruMotionTherapy for the leg compression session after my longest run ever – 7 miles 🤩

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