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Follow your changing passions

2022-09-06 Follow your changing passions

Your passions will change and that’s o-k!

Follow them.

This fiscal year, I followed my passion to serve on the WAM Carolinas Social & Networking Committee. (WAM = Women at @Microsoft)

@Brandy Paul kindly brought flowers for me and @Molly Walker as gratitude for co-leading our Champagne 101 event.

I had SO much fun working with Molly and our committee!

🌸 Co-leading is the way to go. We learned how to divide and conquer asking for help from teammates as needed.
🌸 Our whole team collaborated on so many details – big and small!
🌸 We always felt supported and encouraged despite ups and downs throughout planning.

When your passions align with your service, all of a sudden, the work aspect fades away.

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