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How I went from contractor to FTE

2021-07-08 How I went from contractor to FTE

I became FTE after just 7 months as a contractor at the bank. Here’s how…

On month 4 of my 8-month contract, I cranked up the FTE job search even though my boss said:
— There’s a good chance we’ll extend your contract.
— There’s also a chance that we’ll convert you to FTE later down the road.
— My FTE teammates encouraged me to sit tight because these things always worked out.

Waiting was easier because the LAST thing I wanted to do was update my resume and go through the nightmare of interviewing again.

And I didn’t want to meet a new team and learn a new job again.

It was super UNCOMFORTABLE but I decided not to wait.

I updated my resume, applied for FTE jobs, and went on several interviews.

It took a few months but I did get an FTE job at another bank.

I had to start over at a new place on a new team but this time…
— I increased my base salary and was bonus eligible.
— I got PTO.
— I didn’t have mandatory unpaid furloughs.
— I got off my very expensive COBRA medical benefits.

I left on good terms on month 7 of my 8-month contract.

— I started my job search early and didn’t wait for my contract to run out.
— Instead of being desperate and rushed, I negotiated from a place of power on my timeline and my terms.

Photo: Me as a contractor working in downtown Charlotte in 2017


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