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I feel confident in my abilities

2021-06-10 I feel confident in my abilities

“I just don’t feel as smart as everyone else.”
“I feel like I’m an imposter.”
“I don’t feel like I fit in.”

Those are exact words that I’ve heard my female clients say.

These are women with master’s degrees, pursuing MBA’s, and have decades of solid work experience.

Why are you lacking confidence?
More importantly, how do you fix this?

First of all, acknowledge that lack of confidence is NOT lack of capability.

So often, we confuse the two because it sure feels terrible when you *FEEL* like you can’t do something.

I remember the REJECTION that I felt after the dozens of recruiters repeatedly told me, YOU’RE NOT QUALIFIED for the job because you don’t have prior banking experience.

It was demoralizing and depressing.

But I kept at it. I kept getting rejected over and over until one day, a recruiter took a chance on me. I CRACKED THE CODE. I got a job in banking without banking experience.

It took me just six months before my banking colleagues were telling me that I was the BEST analyst they’d ever worked with.

>> PRO TIP: Don’t let others, especially recruiters, lower your confidence. When you know you’re capable, be confident. Hold your head up high and keep going after the jobs. It WILL pay off!

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