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I lost 24 out of 25 tennis matches

2021-06-28 I lost 24 out of 25 tennis matches

I LOST 24 out of 25 of my first singles matches 😫

I started playing tennis later in life and it was tough. I obviously wasn’t very good but I still kept trying… hence the 24 losses!

It’s much easier to start when you’re 5. You’re full of energy and not afraid of anything. #Wimbledon is still a possibility!

But if you don’t have a time machine, that’s ok.

>> You’re still allowed to learn new things when you get older!

Today, employers are looking more and more for folks that can learn fast and adapt quickly especially in the tech space.

Tech is moving too fast to hire people that can’t keep up with learning.

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

MIND-BLOWING TIP: Sometimes the OLDEST dog can learn the new tricks faster than the YOUNGER dogs because they’ve become more experienced at LEARNING (which is a skill in itself).

>> If you’re ever worried about being that old dog, remind yourself that you are absolutely capable of learning new things later in life.

>> What NEW TRICK have you LEARNED later in life?

Do you code?
Do you build websites?
Can you plan events and projects like nobody’s business?

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