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Apply for that job today

2022-06-28 Apply for that job today

If you want to make a job change in the next 3 months, you need to be applying TODAY.

For permanent full-time direct hire roles, you can expect 1 – 3 months from the day you apply to when you start working.

If you were to get a job offer tomorrow, it’s likely that you couldn’t work for at least another month.

Why is this?

— Many companies require background checks that can take weeks depending on the verification process.
— You’ll likely want to work a minimum 2-week notice.
— It takes time for a company to prepare for a new hire like getting you in the system and your computer ready.

And before you can even get the job offer, you’ll need to

1. APPLY! Even if you were referred for a job, most companies require a formal application regardless.
2. Interview – You may have multiple one-on-one and/or panel interviews and follow-ups.
3. Negotiate – You should be negotiating! And several rounds of negotiating could eat up a few days to weeks.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a job change, go ahead and apply for that job TODAY!

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