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I’m a job hopper at Microsoft

2021-06-15 I'm a job hopper at Microsoft

I used to be terrified of being labeled a job hopper especially when I’d had four different jobs in 18 months.

What would employers think?
Would I come across as unreliable? Unstable?
Would I be able to get another job again?

When I took that fourth job in 18 months, it was to start my journey at Microsoft.

I loved being a banking analyst but how could I pass up the opportunity to work at Microsoft?

So I took a leap. I changed industries. I changed roles. I pivoted. AGAIN.

And now, I’m starting my third role at Microsoft in less than three years.

>> I’m still a job hopper but now I do it internally. <<

Being a job hopper allows me to learn more about different aspects of the Microsoft business and take on new challenges.

It pushes me to develop new skills and experiences.

It forces me to be uncomfortable and keep growing even when I’m not ready.

So this is me… less than a month after I started at Microsoft in late 2018 (pre-COVID of course).

At that moment, I had no idea what the next few years would bring for my career and life.

But I do know one thing for sure, I’m no longer afraid of being labeled a job hopper.

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