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I’m the Julie McCoy of my team

2021-08-24 I'm the Julie McCoy of my team

Why is networking and making connections so vital to the job search?

My boss used to call me the Julie McCoy of our team so I dressed up for a team meeting with my Love Boat background.

Julie is the cruise director whose job was to help make social connections.

And those same type of connections are so helpful in the job search because they help you:

1. BYPASS ATS – When a friend refers you for a posted role, your resume may bypass the pesky ATS.

If you’re looking for a recommendation for a local plumber, wouldn’t you trust a referral from a friend or neighbor before just plucking a random unknown plumber for a list online without references?

2. LEARN INSIDER INFO – A connection in your network may hear of a role before it’s posted. Even better, your connection may have insight into the role, hiring manager, salary range, and company.

3. GET CONNECTED TO DECISION MAKERS – A connection may put you in touch with someone who knows someone. Your first-degree connection may not be the link you need. However, your connection may know people “who know people.” Yes, the network can grow fast and that’s a great thing!

In short, networking will really cut down on the time to get the next job and increase your chances of success! Give it a try!

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