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Is your story worth telling?

2021-05-27 Is your story worth telling?

Do you feel PARALYZED when the interview says, “so tell me about yourself?”

Does your heart race, you feel flushed, and then you stammer a few incoherent words?

This question comes up in the interview every.single.time. yet you still find yourself unprepared time and time again.

Why is that?

If you’re not clear on your story…
If you don’t know why you want the job…
If you’re not even sure if you’re qualified for the job…

… then why should you get the job?

Why should the recruiter send you to the next stage? Why should the hiring manager spend an hour interviewing you?

I’m confident that you have a story worth telling!

Now you just need to learn how to share it in a clear and meaningful way.

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