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It takes longer without a career coach

2021-06-16 It takes longer without a career coach

I still remember feeling sick to my stomach as I ripped the check out to pay my career coach (yes, it was paper checks back then!).

I knew my job was ending soon.
I knew my resume was garbage.
I knew I needed help finding a new job.

What I didn’t know was if hiring a professional would be worth it.

I was already worried sick about money.

As an engineer, I like to DIY as much as possible.

Can’t I figure this out on my own?
Aren’t there plenty of free resources on the internet?
I’ve found jobs on my own before, can’t I do it again?

The answers are Yes, Yes, and Yes. Of course, I could figure it out on my own.

The difference is TIME wasted.
And time equals MONEY.

For every month that I was unemployed or underpaid, was another month of lost wages.

Eventually, I would have figured it out but at what cost?

I know the pain firsthand of feeling confused and desperate in the job search.

Now as a career coach myself, I provide other women in tech with the clarity and support to grow your career.

If you’re tired of feeling scared and confused about how to find your next job, shoot me a message right now.

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