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It took me five years to become an overnight success

2021-09-15 It took me five years to become an overnight success

It took me FIVE YEARS to become an OVERNIGHT success.

Today, you see me working at Microsoft.

People always ask me “how did YOU get that job?”

Newsflash. It didn’t happen overnight. In the past five years, I’ve experienced:

— 2 career pivots
— 4 companies
— 6 roles
— 8 managers
— 20+ rounds of negotiations
— 100+ Recruiter screens, informationals, hiring manager, team panel, and peer interviews

I lost count of how many failed recruiter conversations and interviews I’ve had.

But I kept dialing it in.

With each step of the process, I reflected on what worked and what didn’t.

I kept growing and learned to adjust my resume, my LinkedIn, and my pitch.

Whenever my hard work intersected with the right opportunity, I was READY TO JUMP.

— I was open to change.
— I was open to new opportunities.
— I was confident in my growth mindset and the ability to learn new things.

Luck favors the prepared.

If you want to be prepared for Lady Luck’s next visit, message me today!

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