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Job searching lonely and isolating

2021-07-27 Job searching is lonely and isolating

Job searching is lonely and isolating.

Sometimes you’re ashamed that you’re out of work or don’t want to admit you hate your current job.

It happens.

Not every job can be your dream job.

And sometimes jobs change. They start off great but then morph into something totally different.

— Maybe you get a new boss?
— Maybe you moved to a different team?
— Maybe your company got acquired and the leadership changed?
— Maybe your personal life changed and your career goals aren’t aligned anymore?

It’s easy to fall into a trap of despair when you’re job searching alone.

Who can you bounce ideas?
Where can you get a sanity check?
How can you confirm if what’s happening is normal in the job search?

As a career coach, I’m alongside you giving you feedback along the process.

I will remind you that you’re not alone and what you’re feeling is normal.

I’ll keep you focused and on track when you start to stray.

I’ll remind you of your end goal… that shiny new career!

If you’re ready to turn your frown upside-down, send me a message.

You’re not alone in this.

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