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Joy Post 2 – Having friends to share toilet stories

2022-03-16 Joy Post 2 - Having friends to share toilet stories

Joy post #2 – It brings me JOY to have friends and family to share a good toilet story.

After a recent vacation to Marseille, France, Joe and I chose just one photo to display in a large canvas format:

It was a very unusual toilet situation with
— no sink (ack!)
— bold blue and white tile on three sides
— pink toilet paper
— a very narrow room with a solitary window out the back facing nothing

We came across this restroom while visiting a pop-up fish restaurant that had a fixed price menu and only one meal selection: dorado fish with ratatouille. Take it or leave it!

Then the restroom was in a building next door that you accessed through a hotel-ish lobby and climbed a flight of stairs to find the unmarked door.

Vacation adventures are fun when they’re happening and even more fun when you’re recounting them with your crew!

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