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Keep going, keep growing

2022-02-22 - Keep going, keep growing with a growth mindset

When I first started at Microsoft, I was beyond clueless.

I wasn’t a power user of Microsoft Products. I wasn’t a cloud expert. I barely knew the world of Microsoft.

And on top of that, I was an Apple sheeple with all Mac hardware.

But I had a strong growth mindset. I felt confident that whatever I didn’t already know, I could learn it with enough time and training.

I jumped in with both feet. I learned about modern work and O365 and the cloud and all that good stuff.

– I started training others on the stuff I just learned to help reinforce it for me.
– I asked a lot of questions.
– I was not ashamed to ask for extra help when I was confused.

For all my job searchers out there – keep going, keep growing!

#EmpowerYourself and embrace your #growthMindset!

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