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Learn to brag better

2021-07-13 Learn to brag better

Don’t brag. Don’t boast. That’s not lady-like.

So many of us were groomed to not brag.

Let your work speak for itself.

But in the job search, that guidance is FLAT OUT WRONG.

In the job search, it’s ALL about showing off the results you’ve achieved and the impact you’ve made in your previous roles.

You get one, maybe two chances at showing you’re the right fit for the job.

With your resume, you get SIX seconds of review IF you’re lucky enough to even have a real human look at it.

Your resume and interviews are your chances to shine! It’s your chance to say…

— Look at me!
— Look at all that I’ve done!
— Look how I have the exact right skills and experiences for this job opening.
— Let me brag about all the awesome stuff I’ve done and all the amazing results that I’ve gotten.
— I’m your winner!
— Hire me! Hire me! I’m the perfect fit.

Sure, it’s hard to unwind decades of grooming to not brag but you can do it!

You can learn how to articulate your successes in a tasteful way to show you can do the job.

If you’re shy about bragging, now is the time to get over it.

Who’s with me????

PS. You look tea-riffic today! Show it off!

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