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Learn to rest instead of quitting

2021-08-31 Learn to rest instead of quitting

Are you feeling the end-of-summer burnout?

Today is the last day of August and for many, it’s the season where summer ends and school starts.

Although summer should be a time to slow down, rest, and re-charge, that’s not true for all of us.

With COVID, lots of summer trips were shortened, adjusted, or unfortunately, never taken.

Burnout is real.

If you’re a “do-er” then it’s easy to keep doing until you can’t do anymore.

>>>>> Instead, learn to rest instead of quitting. <<<<<

When you run yourself ragged until you can’t run anymore, you’re not helping anyone.

Don’t put your physical and mental health in jeopardy.

As we close up the summer and jump into the final third of the year, I encourage you to take a bit more time to rest!

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