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Love Online Trainig

08-17-2022 - Love Online Trainig

I ❤️ required online training for work… said no one ever EXCEPT…

@Microsoft does an amazing job with making our training an ongoing soap opera… seriously!

The “series” is so popular that I even have my own #TeamNelson t-shirt.

Our crew is even planning a watch 📺 party when the next episode drops 🍿

#WednesdayWisdom – Online learning can be fun when you make it a soap opera with recurring characters 🎬

Are you #TeamNelson??

@Nate Furr
@Jeremy Peach
@Trevor Suarez
@Gabby St

#Microsoft #MicrosoftCharlotte #MicrosoftLife #CharlotteEngineering #MicrosoftCharlotteEngineering #MSFTAdvocate #MicrosoftJobs


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