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Mirror the job description on your resume

2021-05-11 Mirror the job description on your resume

Remember how excited you were when you worked so hard on your resume and clicked submit on that perfect job posting online? 🤩

Remember how disappointed you felt when the automated email came back rejecting you in a day? 😞

How can our friends in HR sift through hundreds if not thousands of resumes so quickly?

Think about it.

The answer is that they don’t.

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) takes the first pass at your resume, not a human.

And just how does that pesky ATS know if you’re a good fit or not?

It’s the job description.

That’s the only thing that ATS has to compare your resume with.

** PRO TIP ** Make your resume match the job descriptions by mirroring words and phrases. The ATS is looking for those exact matches to decide who makes it’s past the first filter.

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