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Remember that resume course you took?

2021-08-03 Remember that resume course you took?

Do you remember that resume course you took in high school? Or the job-hunting class where you learned how to network, build your personal brand, and ace job interviews?

Me either.

The only time I had to do a resume in school was in the 9th grade.

It was so long ago that computers weren’t commonplace so we submitted a hand-written resume. #I‘mOLD

As a career woman, where do you turn for help with the job hunt?

— Sure, you can spend weeks, then months poring over online courses and piecing together the info.

— Sure, you can guess and test what works and doesn’t work in terms of networking, branding, and interviewing.

— Sure, you can DIY the resume, and hope it gets you an interview.

All of these methods work if you’ve got unlimited time and unlimited patience.

If you’re frustrated with your current job hunting progress, send me a chat if you want to discuss if career coaching is right for you.

Don’t be ashamed if you didn’t learn this in school. Most people didn’t.

The great news is that you can get your own private career coach today. Let’s chat.

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