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Save your job descriptions

2022-04-26 Save your job descriptions

Here’s your Tuesday tip to celebrate Get Organized Day: When you apply for a job, save a copy of the job posting, not just a link. Here’s why:

Meet Jennifer.
Jennifer applied for 20 jobs online.
Jennifer is organized.
She keeps a spreadsheet of her applications including a link to every job posting.

Then the best thing happened!
Jennifer got called for an interview! Yay ๐ŸŽ‰

So Jennifer went back to her super organized spreadsheet to find the job posting.

She wanted to review it to prepare for the interview.

Jennifer clicked the link and saw, “This posting is no longer available.”


What do you think happens when a company starts interviewing candidates for a job opening?

They TAKE DOWN the post because they don’t want to keep getting more resumes once they’ve started the interviewing process.

Saving a copy of the job description is easy. Here are some options:
1. Save a PDF of the job posting as soon as you apply.
2. Copy and paste the text of the job posting into a Word or Google doc. You can still save the link at the top of the page but keep in mind that the link may not work later.

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