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Serendipity Day

08-22-2022 - Serendipity Day

Serendipity = happy accident = pleasant surprise = #CheezBalls

On Serendipity Day, I celebrate finding these classic Planters Cheez Balls at my local Harris Teeter.

For you non-Southerners, @Harris Teeter is a grocery store, although you wouldn’t know that from the name 🤔

I immediately add these delicious #Healthy #WholeFoods to my next charcuterie board and everyone approves 🎉

Thank goodness Planters knows how to harvest the most perfectly round cheez balls off the locally sourced cheezball tree 🌳

#MyHarrisTeeter #Serendipity #SerendipityDay #serendipitous #CheezBalls #ShopLocal #cheeselover


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