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Sometimes you need a perspective shift

2021-06-24 Sometimes you need a perspective shift

How angry would you be if it turns out that you left $14k or $40k or $75k on the table during your last job negotiations?

Those are REAL numbers that I’ve helped my clients negotiate.

Did you take the first offer that the company made?

Did you walk away feeling happy and content and just so grateful that you got the job? or do you feel cheated now?

Negotiating your worth is a win-win situation for you and the company.

When you don’t get paid your worth, you’ll feel cheated and undervalued. Resentment will build. Eventually, you’ll leave the company feeling disgruntled.

When you get paid your worth, you’ll feel valued and well-compensated. You’ll produce more and probably stay longer.

And those numbers are the gift that keeps on giving. Once you negotiate a higher base salary, it’s not like your pay goes down.

Each raise you get will build on that number and you’ll experience exponential growth over time.

Sometimes all you need is a little coaching to have that perspective shift you need to negotiate your worth.

If you want to pick up that $75k off the table next time you change jobs, send me a message now.

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