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Strive to be different

2021-08-26 Strive to be different

On Women’s Equality Day, in 1920, Congress gave women equal voting rights.

Although women have equal voting rights as men, I still encourage you to STRIVE to be different from anyone else!

Everywhere I turn, I hear:

— Be authentic.
— Be vulnerable.
— Forget about imposter syndrome.

And I agree 100%.

Bringing your whole self to work is what makes work fun and actually increases your overall productivity!

When you’re not wasting precious energy covering up for your kids running around, dogs barking, who you’re married to or not, you can better spend that energy on productive activities.

This past Cinco de Mayo, I wore this sombrero to all of my virtual meetings with and without customers all day.

My colleagues enjoyed a little levity after back-to-back video calls!

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