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What’s the secret sauce to job searching?

Testimonial - Erica - Secret Sauce

You work too hard and you make too little.

I know the feeling all too well.

Testimonial – Erica – Secret Sauce

I applied online. CRICKETS.

I networked like crazy. NO ONE HAD ANY LEADS.

I cold-called recruiters (#trueStory). THEY IGNORED MY CALLS.

And so I treated it like an engineering problem. #MechanicalEngineer

I did research. I analyzed. I tested. I took the feedback. I fine-tuned my process. I dialed it in. Then, I figure it out. I solved the problem.

⭐️ Then, I pivoted to banking from manufacturing.
⭐️ Next, I pivoted to technology.
⭐️ Overall, those career pivots came with a 200% increase in salary.

Now, I coach other women in tech that same “secret sauce” to land better jobs with higher pay with my Career Makeover Formula.

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