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Three year anniversary at Microsoft

2021-10-29 Three year anniversary at Microsoft

Three years ago on this day, I started my journey at Microsoft.

I had so little knowledge of Microsoft and their products walking in the door.
— I didn’t know Azure or SharePoint or OneDrive and definitely had no idea what cloud data migrations were.
— I didn’t know Windows or Office or Visual Studio.
— At my interview, I was asked who were Microsoft’s competitors. I answered DropBox. It’s technically true but not the obvious answers. I really had no idea!

Microsoft didn’t hire me for what I knew (or didn’t know) at my interview that day. They hired me for my potential to learn in the FUTURE.

Microsoft believes in GROWTH MINDSET. I don’t have to be a KNOW-it-all today as long as I’m a LEARN-it-all.

Lots of gratitude 🙏 going out to all the folks that helped along the way!