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Try tandem bikes for yourself

2021-06-03 Try tandem bikes for yourself

Here’s a story about a guy named Joe who was dead set against riding tandem bicycles.

He’d tried it twice in his life for a total of 15 minutes and didn’t like it.

So he pushed back on his wife (me) about why this was such a bad idea.

He said it was a terrible experience and we shouldn’t do it.
He told me how awful it was.
He told me about how you couldn’t steer and the other person couldn’t brake and how it was miserable.

But I had never tried it.
And Joe made it sound so scary.
And he said I’d be miserable and that he would be too.

But because I like trying new things, we ended up trying it anyway.

It was FUN! It was a COOL experience!

Joe even admitted that it wasn’t so bad. It was not like his previous rides. He even made a short YouTube video with his GoPro.

The moral of this story is that not all past experiences are telling of the future especially when the conditions and players are different.

>> Same thing with the JOB SEARCH. Just because someone else has a bad experience at a company or doing a certain role, doesn’t mean you will too.

Sure, you should research but don’t take one person’s experience as the gospel.

Best thing is, you should TRY IT FOR YOURSELF!

Happy #WorldBicycleDay! Enjoy yourself on two wheels today!

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