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What are you afraid of?

2021-09-14 What are you afraid of?

As a woman, why are you afraid of negotiating your job offer? It’s not what you think.

❌ It’s not fear of losing the offer.
❌ It’s not about showing your worth.
❌ It’s not a lack of gratitude.

✅ It’s that you’ve been socialized that negotiating is bad and that now you’ll be perceived differently for doing so.

Research* shows that half of the men had negotiated their job offers as compared to only one-eighth of the women.

Most women have been groomed and socialized their entire lives that negotiating is a bad thing and that they shouldn’t do it.

You’ve been telling yourself
— I should be grateful for what I get.
— I don’t want to appear greedy.
— I’m so tired of this process so I just want it to end.

But you know what happens when you don’t negotiate?
— You feel trapped in an underpaid position.
— You grow restless and unhappy that you’re not paid your worth.
— You eventually quit because you don’t know how else to raise the bar except to get a job elsewhere.

When done right, negotiating is mutually beneficial for both parties!

* Source: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology study of graduating MBA students

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