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What’s in your box of excuses?

2021-10-19 What's in your box of excuses?

What’s in your BOX OF EXCUSES?

— Excuses about why you hate your job but you’re too tired to find a new one?
— Excuses about someone else got the promotion instead of you?
— Excuses about why you didn’t go to the gym today… or yesterday… or the day before?
— Excuses about why you should be eating healthier but you don’t?

Sure, we’re in a global pandemic. Work-life balance was turned upside down.

Yes, you should give yourself some grace BUT…

There’s a fine line between giving yourself grace and having a big BOX OF EXCUSES.

Check your footing to see how close you are to that line.

PS. Big thanks to my friend Theresa for sharing excuse box concept.