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What’s your pleasant surprise today?

2021-08-18 What's your pleasant surprise today?

What “pleasant surprise” have you experienced today on Serendipity Day?

“Serendipity Day encourages people to look for and notice those unexpected good things that are always out there if people would just have the eyes to see them.” from the website.

I got my job at Microsoft by attending a networking event.

A girlfriend invited me because SHE wanted to get a new job.

When the dust settled, * I * was the one that ended up with the new job.

Be on the lookout for serendipitous surprises!

Keep your eyes open today and every day for the opportunities that may come your way!

Like I forgot to order Boba in my tea Milk Cha-Cha. Instead of charging me extra, the barista just gave me a giant helping of Boba for free. #Serendipity

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