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Why are you procastinating on your resume?

2021-05-26. Why are you procrastinating on your resume?

If you find yourself making excuses for not updating that pesky resume, ask yourself WHY?

>> Do you just hate the whole resume thing altogether?
>> Do you dread sitting down and going through your work history year by year?

Or is it DEEPER?
>> Are you afraid of wasting your time applying online without results?
>> Are you afraid of the repeated rejection?

Or is it EVEN DEEPER than that?
>> Are you afraid you aren’t good enough to leave where you are now?
>> Are you afraid you can’t cut it in a new company doing a new job?
>> Are you afraid of giving up something that you already have and know because what if the next job may be WORSE?

When you’re procrastinating on updating your resume, dig deep and even deeper to understand WHY? It might surprise you.

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