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Work friendships matter

2022-10-12 Work friendships matter

When I started at Bank of America,I dialed into a conference call and was so lost in the conversation that I convinced myself that I misdialed. So I hung up and dialed in again. I was on the right call but was SO CONFUSED that I thought it was the wrong meeting.

When I transitioned to banking from engineering, I didn’t know a single person on my team. I had no specific experience in my role, my industry, or my company.

Thankfully, I ramped up fast. I asked TONS of questions. I admitted to anyone and everyone that I was “new to the project” and asked for 1:1 help. Before long, I had a nice group of very supportive colleagues.

Now many years later, one of those original banking friends is still around. Even though we’re at different companies now, we still chat regularly. He even recently ran a race with me and my colleagues today @Microsoft.

Work friendships matter. When you find that special friendship, treasure it!

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