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YOU have a story worth telling!

2021-09-30 YOU have a story worth telling!

On the day I snapped this photo, I remember being incredibly nervous doing my very first podcast. I could hear my voice shaking. I kept thinking, will it sound bad on the recording?

Until I was invited to discuss career transitions, I didn’t think I had much of a story to share.

And that day, Sharon, Caitlin, and Paula from the Lady Tech Charmers podcast asked me question after question.
— They were genuinely interested in my story.
— They saw value in explaining how I pivoted careers.
— They encouraged me to tell more people about my success.

After we finished, they kept asking more questions… and kept recording! We discussed career pivots, networking, negotiating, women in tech, and more.

And that day, I recognized that I could help others with my story.
— I could share my process and lessons learned.
— I could let people know that they weren’t alone.
— I could inspire others to do the same.

And to all those people and podcasters out there willing to share your stories and expertise, Happy International Podcast Day!

YOU have a story worth telling!

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