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You just won a million dollars

2021-06-29 You just won a million dollars

This one #TuesdayTip can result in over a million dollars in your pocket over the lifetime of your career…


That’s it. People talk about it all the time.

But how?

— As a woman, asking for more money makes you pushy and greedy.
— As a woman, chances are your income won’t matter as much if you have a spouse.
— As a woman, you’re constantly being told to be grateful for what you get.
— As a woman, you’re lucky to have even gotten your foot in the door.
— As a woman, you shouldn’t risk negotiating. They might rescind the offer!


— As a man, negotiating is expected.
— As a man, being assertive means he’s a “go-getter.”
— As a man, he’s the breadwinner and needs to make more money to support his family.

When you’re afraid to negotiate, you’re likely to avoid asking for promotions and the stretch projects that will give you visibility to move up in the workplace.

The differences add up… A LOT.

The time is NOW if you’re ready to learn how to put a million dollars in your pocket. Message me today!

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