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Your only limit is your mindset

2021-07-12 Your only limit is your mindset

Are you sifting through job postings and feel like you’re NOT qualified for ANYTHING?

I used to feel the exact.same.way.

Yes, me with an engineering degree, decades of solid work experience, and a track recording of #winning at work.

Job descriptions BAFFLED me. They’re filled with all kinds of corporate gob·ble·dy·gook and gibberish (<< technical terms).

I’d skim the first few lines of a job posting, then click next. After passing on dozens of postings, I felt utterly HOPELESS.

I couldn’t even UNDERSTAND the job posting let alone do the job!

How could I score a job in banking if I didn’t understand 90% of the job requirements?

NEWSFLASH – I was totally qualified. I just didn’t have the right MINDSET.

But mindset can’t magically give you skills or experience so how can mindset get you a job?

The right mindset can help you …

>> Identify and articulate your TRANSFERABLE SKILLS.

>> Craft your pitch to connect the dots so your past EXPERIENCES are relevant for the role you’re targeting.

>> Acknowledge that YOU ARE QUALIFIED for the job even if you don’t have 100% of the “requirements.”

>> Build the confidence you need to OWN YOUR WORTH and negotiate pay based on the value you’re bringing to the team.

Your only limit is your MINDSET. #MindsetMonday