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Are you ready to land your next job with personalized career coaching? Are you tired of job searching alone without results? 

Coach Caroleen modeling an Olde School Blazer
Meet Coach Caroleen

I help women in tech land jobs they love with personalized career coaching.

Job hunting can be stressful, frustrating, and demoralizing.  It should not be this hard to get a job especially when you know that you’re a qualified candidate.  

Women make up 50% of the workforce but only 25% of the tech industry.* Tech companies are prioritizing diversity hiring and actively recruiting women.
* According to data from the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)

Why hire me as your career coach?

Athletes don’t go out on the field without a coach, so why should you? How much time and energy will you lose being underpaid, overworked, and frustrated while you DIY your job search?


Save time and energy with a repeatable, proven, and effective roadmap.

You'll follow a proven roadmap to level up your career quickly and efficiently. I've sifted through the noise and curated the best guidance so that you don't have to waste your time.

Stay on track with an accountability partner

You're not alone! You'll get regular action items to keep you on track. Your check-ins will increase as you start interviewing and negotiating offers.

Level up your job search faster with real time personalized feedback

You'll have me there every step of the way giving you feedback on your resume, your LinkedIn profile, mock interviews, and more.

Are you ready to land your next job with personalized career coaching? Are you tired of job searching alone without results? 

"Caroleen presents a roadmap that anyone can follow to modernize their resume, find immense value in their own story, improve their interview skills, and land that desired position!"
Software Developer

What does coaching include?

Breathe easier with your own personal career coach to guide, coach, and be your accountability partner as you take this journey to land a job you love in tech. Your coaching package includes:

✅ Your free 45-minute Career Strategy call

✅ Clarity on your career and job search goals

✅ A customized roadmap to follow during your job search tailored to your strengths and experiences

✅ Unlimited one-on-one job search coaching sessions during your engagement

✅ Detailed resume and LinkedIn profile reviews as often as needed

✅ Lifetime access to my digital courses on mindset and resume building

Are you ready for your Career Makeover MBA (Mindset, Branding, Action)? 

Makeover Your MINDSET

Shift your MINDSET with clear career goals and the confidence to overcome imposter syndrome. Build confidence with a growth mindset. Let go of past limiting beliefs.

Update Your Professional BRAND

Level up your BRAND by refining your resume, LinkedIn profile, and pitch to show your value during interviews and negotiations.

Take Consistent ACTION

Get clear on the next steps for success. Take consistent ACTION to network, apply for jobs, and land your dream role making more money!

"I was unsure of the first steps or how my experience would transfer to a different industry. Caroleen was instrumental in helping me to craft my story to fit the industry I was targeting."
Operations Analyst

Are you ready to land your next job with personalized career coaching? Are you tired of job searching alone without results? 

Been there. Done that. Job hunting is the pits. There is a better way.

Tech is hot.  Tech jobs are plentiful.  You know plenty of people with tech-related jobs.  How do you tap into the market of tech jobs?

If your resume isn’t cutting through the noise, it’s time to re-think your process.  I know the frustration of applying for countless jobs without getting a single response. I spent every spare moment researching and networking but my efforts were fruitless.

I figured out how to update my professional brand to grow my network and get noticed in the job market.  As a result, I tripled my salary in a few short years while consistently growing my career in tech. 

I let go of the fear of being labeled a “job hopper.” If Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Microsoft think I’m good enough for them, then I’m less worried about what my friends on Facebook think 😉

Now I help other women in tech land their dream role making more money using my Career Makeover MBA

“No industry or country can reach its full potential until women reach their full potential. This is especially true of science and technology, where women with a surplus of talent still face a deficit of opportunity,”
Sheryl Sandberg
Technology COO and Founder of

Invest in your career.
Invest in your well-being.

When you get laser-focused on upgrading your career, the other pieces fall into place.

Are you ready to land your next job with personalized career coaching? Are you tired of job searching alone without results? 

Hear from other successful clients...

"...searching for a job brought up so many feelings, some of which (like fear, for example) prior to Caroleen's coaching, were holding me back. Caroleen's insight, vision, and strength as a Career Coach and as an empathetic listener truly bring the 'secret sauce' to the career search recipe."
Testimonial photo of Erica W
Business Analyst
Even during these stressful times I was able to focus thanks to you and your advice. One of my friends has been listening to my interviews and she said I sound so confident. That is something you reminded me I have. I had lost my confidence and my mindset was all over. It was great timing and such a great experience. You were worth every penny and I feel that I owe you so much more 🤣
Strategic Sales Specialist in Technology
So glad you helped me recognize my value and advocate for myself. Confident truly goes a long way! And having an experienced career coach to guide you through!
Caroleen's coaching has given me the confidence to believe in myself and my resume... After re-writing my resume and having Caroleen coach me through the job interview process, it allowed me to frame my experience and story in a way that I knew was uniquely my own.
Katie H
Software Engineer
She manages to turn my frown upside down every single time and it really helps get me motivated and back on my feet.
Testimonial image of Vivecca
Content Creator
One of the most valuable things I have gained from Caroleen's coaching how to tell my story better! Prior to her coaching, I didn't even think I had a story worth telling.
Testimonial photo of Jessica
Principal Auditor

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Are you ready to land your next job in tech with personalized career coaching? Are you tired of job searching alone without results?