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Sharing your match scores is easy with these custom tennis score pads.

Snap a photo.
Text it to the team.
You're done!

Caroleen's tennis score pads - 3 stacked on top of each other

Buy now at the Olde Providence Racquet Club (OPRC) Pro Shop!

Caroleen's tennis score pads in a white cardboard box

Olde Providence Racquet Club (OPRC)
5630 Sharon View Rd
Charlotte, NC 28226

Only $6.95 + tax

Choose color or black and white.

I'm on the right!

I love tennis and play on several local teams. After each match, I struggled for an easy way to report scores to the team captains. I printed out some home-made tennis score sheets and shared them with my teammates. It turns out everyone loved them 🥰 From there, the idea of Caroleen’s Tennis Score Pads was born!

Have feedback or want your own custom tennis score pads with your monogram or club logo? Message me for a quote!