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How to Build Confidence During the Job Search

Level up your skills – We are so fortunate to live in a world where you can find almost any training online and often for free or very low cost.  One of my favorite is by LinkedIn.  My local Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has a program where any library card holder gets a free account.  

Level up only to a point that makes sense.  If you keep seeing a certain software skill pop up on the job requirements, it’s worth it to take a few entry level courses so you can add it to your resume.  Be comfortable speaking to it but don’t try to become an expert.  Remember any job you get will give you training.  A word of caution: don’t use this as a never ending distraction to actual job search activities (like applying for jobs, networking, etc.).  

Network with other job seekers to share experiences – You know what HOPE is?  


When you’re job searching, it’s easy to get isolated and feel like you’re the only one out there.  When you hear about others getting interviews and finding work, it reminds you that it’s possible.  Confidence is knowing that you’ll be able to overcome a challenge when it happens.  Hearing about others’ success will help remind you of this.

It’s true that confidence is important during the job search.  Although it’s hard, work to build up your confidence with leveling up your skills and sharing experiences with other job seekers.  This will help your confidence shine through on the next all with the recruiter and interview!