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You don't need 100% of the job requirements to apply

We’re shifting gears a bit this week.  What’s the point of writing a great targeted resume if you don’t have any job opportunities to apply for?  Often my clients want help with the job search but before they can even start applying for jobs, they need help finding the right job openings. 

Newsflash: you don’t need 100% of the job requirements to apply. 

Although this tidbit holds true for everyone, it hits women especially hard.  This Harvard Business Review article does a great job explaining why.

Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified

by Tara Sophia Mohr
Harvard Business Review

When I pivoted my career from engineering to banking, I was so frustrated with the job postings.  It felt like I was reading a foreign language with all kinds of jibberish, non-sensical terms, software applications I’d never heard of, and don’t get me started on the TLA’s – Three Letter Acronyms.  I would read job post after job post and feel lost.  How could I possibly get a job in banking when I didn’t have hardly any of the job requirements?  How could I pivot careers when I didn’t know what half of the terms and TLAs meant?  I learned the hard way but I did finally learn.  

Today’s article is actually a preview from my signature digital course, Women: Job Search Mindset.  It’s a 7 minute video that sums up nicely why people should still apply to jobs even when they don’t have all the requirements.  Even though it’s geared toward women, men will benefit from this info too!

The next time you look for job postings online, remind yourself that requirements are a suggested wish list.  You should still apply!