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Category: Recruiters

When should I share my references? by Coach Caroleen

When should I share my references during the job search?

Have you worked with a recruiter that wanted your references right off the bat?  You haven’t been submitted for a job. You haven’t scheduled an interview. You haven’t gotten a job offer. Yet the recruiter wants your references right away. When is the right time to share your references?

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What kind of recruiter is this? by Coach Caroleen

What kind of recruiter is this?

We use the term recruiter generically but it’s definitely not a one size fits all role. Knowing what kind of recruiter you’re working with will help you better navigate the job search.

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The recruiter doesn't work for you by Coach Caroleen

Does the recruiter work for me?

During the job search, as the candidate, it’s best to understand how the recruiter, candidate, and client fit together. Newsflash, you aren’t the client. Knowing who the recruiter works for is key!

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